And the U.S. can sleep easy tonight!

Slappy will be playing for the United States in the WBC.

He waited until the absolute last minute to make his decision.

But, he wasn’t looking for publicity or anything?  Nah.  I mean, it isn’t like he’s known about this for a while.  It just got sprung on him.  How’s a guy supposed to make a decision like that?  The Dominican Republic, there’s a team that really needs some power on it.  What will they do now?

Could he possibly have milked this for any more ink?  Even I’m giving him what he wants by writing this.

I hadn’t really planned to write an ARod bashing post…but heck, MLB and the Yankees call open season on the Red Sox, so I have to respond.

Unfortunately, this now means I’ll have to root for ARod.  Life is funny.  Heh heh.

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