Johnny Damon…

…is dead to me if this is true:

BREAKING SPORTS NEWS: The Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes is reporting that centerfielder Johnny Damon has agreed to a 4-year contract with the Yankees. The agreement is contingent on Damon passing a physical.  –Developing

Four years?  The Red Sox offered him four years.  If this is true, it just proves he never wanted to re-sign with the Red Sox. 

My four year old niece is going to be heartbroken…she adores him and told me she’d still be his fan as long as he didn’t go to the Yankees.  Oh well.

No news I can find except for the excerpt…well, it’ll be a good Christmas for Yankees fans if this is true.

Modified to add I heard the rest…4 years, 51 million…Johnny can go jump in a lake.

(edited that last line because of the vulgarity.  Somehow, this morning I’m not as angry as I was last night.  Just terribly disappointed.  Although, I don’t know why.  IF Johnny can’t stay true to his wife and family, why should he be true to his fans?)

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