Congratulations to Slappy…

…on winning the AL MVP award.   Thus proving that you can be a perennial choker in the playoffs and still impress the sports writers enough during the regular season to get them to choose you when you aren’t even the most valuable player on your team. Mariano Rivera says ‘hi’ Slappy.Arod_slap_3

(Edited to add a quote from a comment I left on Kellia’s blog because, as did Kellia, I think it explains my position on this perfectly:  "[Ortiz] has been absolutely irreplaceable to us. Take him out of the equation and the Sox are a different team. Not so with ARod. He’s a great player on ANY team, but he never seems to be the difference maker.")

No biggie.  Everyone knew the MVP would go to ARod.  I still like the way things add up:04alcsgame4ortizdavidceleb_2

Papi:  1 ALCS MVP award, 1 World Series ring, 0 League MVP awards

Slappy:  0 ALCS MVP awards, 0 World Series rings, 2 League MVP awards.

Congratulations Alex.  You must be very proud.

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