Springing for a Cure

My very good friends Dale, Susan and Tom, are the organizers of a charity event in Ft. Myers, Florida.  They call is Springing for a Cure and the proceeds of their event go to Curt’s Pitch for ALS

I told Dale that I’d be happy to throw a mention in my blog…and what better time than during a lull in the hotstove action?

Regardless of how you feel about Curt Schilling, it’s important to know that he’s a generous person who gives a lot of his time and money to ALS charities.  This year is the third Springing for a Cure dinner – and Curt and his wife Shonda have shown up at the first two.  They were relatively small gatherings (especially the first year) but he still took the time to be there.

Tickets are now available from the website for the third annual Springing for a Cure reception on March 11, 2006.  I was there last year and it was a great time.

If you can’t make the reception in Ft. Myers, another way you can help out is by purchasing holiday cards made exclusively for Springing for a Cure.

The cards are original and fun and they were they talk of Red Sox Nation last year.

So go vist the SFAC website and hopefully you’ll be able to join us in March or at least purchase some cool holiday cards! 

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