God Speed, Theo Epstein

And thank you for October 27, 2004.  Because, regardless of what anyone else will say over the next few days, there is NO WAY that happens without YOU.Theogame7alcs

I can’t really comment on this yet…because I don’t trust any of the media in Boston and am not comfortable commenting on all the speculation going on…but I will say this:  If this is what Theo wanted; if it wasn’t about money; if it is just his time to move on because he’s accomplished what he set out to do…good for him.  And good for him if he’s walking away from that money because he doesn’t want to deal with Larry Lucchino.  No sense selling your soul to the devil if you think that’s what you’re doing.

I’ll miss Theo, something awful, and it will only get worse before it gets better.

But I wish him luck and, again, thank him for what he accomplished in 2004…a wonderful memory.

I’m sure before this week is over, and when I’m not in shock, I’ll have more to say…but first I’d like to get the REAL story.

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