Whither Dale Sveum?

Wonder no more. Dalemay2005_1

Dale Sveum, the Red Sox’ third base coach for the last two seasons, was today named third base coach for the Milwaukee Brewers.

And all of Red Sox Nation says "Good luck to the Brewers".  (No, I KID!)

You know, Dale was one of my favorites of the coaches.  For all the abuse he took from the fans, he was always great with us.  A lot of that abuse was unfair and unfounded.  Plus, he was a staple in my picture takings at the games these last two years.  I never went to a game where I didn’t get a photo of him (usually of his butt, based on where I was sitting at said games – I’ve added some pictures I took of Dale from this season…not the best shots, but I like them!)…and at Spring Training my friend Kay complained that he was in "every picture" she tried to take of the players.  Dalemay2005hof_1

Dale was always there.  Makes me think he had a real good connection with the players.  He might have made some bad choices in his time with the team, but what third base coach hasn’t?  It’s a thankless job, third base coach is, just ask Wendell Kim.

He was a lot of fun at the Hall of Fame Game this year.  Dalehofmay2004_2He went from coaching third base to coming in as a pinch hitter – and he even got a hit (although I think they ruled it a fielder’s choice – heck, he made contact and ended up on first base!)

I know I’m in the minority in the Nation, but I’ll miss Dale and I wish him luck in Milwaukee.  At least he’s going back "home"…and I think (and hope) the fans there will be kinder to him than they were in Boston.

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