Letters, I get letters…

Or in this case, emails.

Thanks to everyone for the emails.  Even the cranky ones.  I’ve corresponded with representatives from so many different fan bases since I started this blog, it’s almost overwhelming.  It’s also a lot of fun.  So thanks again.

Today my inbox was full of the same mesage.  A quote from Bill Simmons’ piece on espn.com today.

Now, I like and dislike Bill at various times, but a lot of people apparently thought I’d appreciate his ramblings today and sent me the link AND the quote they thought I’d appreciate most.  (At last count, six different people emailed this to me!)  So for once, Bill Simmons echoes my thoughts. 

Yet another question: Is A.J. Pierzynski the most annoying professional athlete in recent memory? He’s like the Rick Barry of this generation — everything he does seems annoying for some reason, even his interviews. You can see why the Giants and Twins couldn’t stand him. I don’t even think he’s a bad guy, he’s just one of Those Guys. If you played at a $25 table in Vegas with him, he seems like the guy who would say stuff like "Wow, you’re way up right now, huh?" and scream "Whammy!" every time he was dealt a blackjack. And he wouldn’t even know he was being annoying, so his friends would think of convoluted ways to ditch him, stuff like, "Hey, A.J., I’m gonna go walk around, get some air, I’ll be back in 10 minutes" … and then they would scurry to another casino. That’s A.J., right?

Poor AJ.  But I’m sure that trip to the World Series pretty much trumps anything I (or Bill) could say about him.  So he gets the last laugh.

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