There’s always Friday

Scioscia handled the press conference admirably, I think.  I was very impressed with him.

A quote from good old AJ:  "Do we feel lucky? No," Pierzynski said. "Did they feel lucky when they won last night?"

Uh, big difference AJ…they were allowed to win under the normal circumstances of a game, you were given a gift.

Not that I expect him to say that…I’m not totally delusional.  But all he had to say was "no".  No need in slamming the Angels just because you got the gift, AJ.

With apologies to Angels fans…for me the best part of all of this is actually feeling a little passionate about baseball this deep into October with my Sox out of it!

I’m interested to see how the Angels fans react to Pierzynski and Eddings on Friday night.

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