This is nice!

So I’m switching between the ALCS and the NLCS tonight (the NLCS is winning for more time because they have Steve Lyons but more importantly they DON’T have Joe Buck and Tim McCarver).

I wasn’t sure I was going to really enjoy baseball with the Red Sox out of it, but this is so nice.  To moderately care about which team wins, but more importantly just be able to sit and enjoy the baseball games. 

All four teams more than deserve to be where they are…and even though I’m favoring the Angels and the Cards in the World Series (with the Cardinals winning!)…I’m not so deeply attached to it.  No stress about which team wins. 

It’s such an odd feeling.  Nice, though.  🙂

Of course, I turn the ALCS on just in time to hear Joe Buck singing "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown"…and that, folks, I’m pretty sure is one of the signs of Armageddon.

If Lou Pinella starts singing, it’s back to the Cardinals/Astros game.

Hey Robb Quinlan (ROBB QUINLAN?) just hit a homer off of Buehrle.  Yay for Robb.

Buehrle looks really good, though…only given up two hits.  Oops, three.

Lou Pinella’s voice is grating on my nerves…BUT he adds more to the game than either Buck or McCarver…the dude certainly knows baseball…they need to get more guys like Pinella and Al Leiter in the booth at Fox…someday…

Oh and kudos to Mel Stottlemyre for commenting on GS’s comments, or rather his LACK of commenting on Joe Torre.  Mel is good people and it’s great to see him defend his manager. 

And finally…the word out of Mannyland is now that he DOESN’T want to be traded.  As if this is something he has to leak to the press.  Does he NOT realize that he’s a 10/5 guy now, so if he doesn’t want to be traded…he doesn’t get traded?  I’m guessing maybe not.

I loves me my Manny.  You’d have to pry him from my cold dead hands if I were the GM…but sometimes, more often than not, he makes me shake my head…and makes me wonder if there IS a deal out there they could make for him that would make me NOT mind if he was gone.

(Great…show me the 95 year old White Sox fan and make me feel guilty for not rooting for them!)

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