Travel Time

Mark Donohue blogged about it today in much greater detail than I will…but I wanted to note it as well.  Yankees and Angels got into California this morning and play their game tonight.  Whichever team wins tonight gets on a plane and flies to Chicago, getting there tomorrow morning to start game 1 of the ALCS tomorrow night.

Someone needs to explain to me how Bud Selig still has his job.  Seriously.

Y’all know I’m all for anything that goes against the Yankees, but even I have to point out how majorly unfair this is to them and the Angels.  I understand that MLB has its sponsors and the juicy deal with Fox…but is there EVER a time when they take the actual GAME into consideration?

Maybe it won’t matter.  Maybe the Angels or Yankees will put the smackdown on Chicago tomorrow and it will be a moot point.  Somehow, I doubt it.

Would pushing the start of the ALCS back ONE day really be that big a deal?

And why isn’t anyone complaining about this?  Aside from me or Mark, I mean.

Joe Torre can complain that Buck Showalter gave up and helped the Yanks lose home field advantage, but he can’t ask Bud Selig why they can’t start the ALCS on Wednesday?

Selig has received way too many free passes since he’s been commissioner.  It’s an insult to the game that they let him in to begin with, but he’s done nothing since he’s been there except make a mockery of the game I love.

So this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, should it?

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