Oh yes…

…and once again.  Please get off Tony Graffanino’s back.

I’m now being told that even Boston sports radio is defending Graffy and asking the fans to back off.  The papers, the radio, the bloggers…if we can all get along, can’t the Fenway Faithful find it in their hearts to SUPPORT this guy and not beat him into the ground?

That would be great.

And now a word from Kevin Millar, so listen up people!

"We need the Nation behind us 100 percent. We need everybody to be on their feet. We need them to be on them in the bullpen. That’s why they give us an advantage, that’s why we love playing there and that’s why we do well there. They’re like the 12th man in football.

Even if we get down early, they need to stay into it and realize how much energy they bring to us as a club. We need them to be behind us the entire game and we’ll grind this thing out and try to get this thing back here Sunday. "

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