Let’s see how this works

Okay…I’ve decided to live blog to keep my nerves in check:  (My apologies to folks actually reading me tonight…this is how I chill out and since I started this believing only I would read it, that’s pretty much how I’m going to write tonight.)

7:02 – Chris Berman just said if Al Capone was at the game yesterday, he’d be proud of the White Sox.  What the he11 does that mean?

There are times when that man makes me miss Tim McCarver, God help me.

Boomah v Buehrle…I like our chances.

Kevin Millar has another mlb diary online…he keeps saying "we’ll shower off this loss"…I’m pretty sure this is like the fourth time he’s said that in an interview this year.  I love him – but he kills me.  I consider myself a pretty positive person but this man takes the freakin’ prize.

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