Down 2-0

Well…they’ve been here before.  2003 ALDS took 5 games…2004 ALCS took 7 games.

I still like the chances of the Red Sox.  Wake and Schill in Boston and then the final game back in Chicago.

It isn’t ideal, but it’s still do-able.

And for those of you watching, I’m sure evilsnare will post something brilliant tonight like "double ouch".

Oh well, what are you going to do?  Some people would rather get joy out of someone’s pain than experience joy themselves.  Not my problem.

This team needs to get going…and no one can get them to where they need to be – except themselves. 

So hop to it boys….there better be some kind of "meeting" on the flight home where you all talk this junk out and come back on Friday kicking butt.

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