“R-a-m-b-l-i-n apostrophe”

Smr_1  I’m a ramblin’ girl tonight…so you might not be able to make any sense out of what I write…but heck, I’m not here to make sense, right?

*  If David Ortiz isn’t the MVP, they need to call the award something different.  The MVP should go to the player who has been the most important to his team.  That is Big Papi all over.  No question, hands down.Big_papi

*  I think whenever Jonathan Papelbon has two strikes on a batter, everyone at Fenway should start chanting "Jon-a-than!  Jon-a-than!"  like they do in the movie "Rollerball" (the original, not that POS they made a couple of years ago)D31_cont_rollerb

*  You know you have a baseball problem when you sit in the cold for roughly four hours watching a baseball game live, and then go home and watch the same game on tape while updating your blog…about baseball.

*  There are still wonderful people in the world.  For absolutely no reason except he knew it would make me happy, an almost total stranger introduced me to Mike Timlin tonight.  It was wonderful and I hope to be able to pay it forward.

*  Speaking of Timlin, he gets the 10th player award tomorrow night.  It’s a fact.

*  Much to my surprise, I have received  a slew of really nice emails from Yankees fans.  Thank you.  It’s nice to know there are such good fans over on the dark side.  😉

*  The emails from the rest of you mean a lot too.  Who knew people would actually read this thing?

*  I’m way too wound up yet completely exhausted to continue.  Let’s leave it at this…Sox are still back by one for the division and tied for the wild card, yet it feels like they are in the lead for both.  This should prove to be one heck of a ride this weekend!

* One quick addition.  A moment before both Manny’s and Papi’s homeruns tonight, I put on my rally cap.  Boom…two homeruns thanks to the power of the rally cap.  Yay me.

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