Doing what I do best at this time of the year…

…diverting my attention from the Red Sox briefly.  In this case, from the suckitude that is Bronson Arroyo.  Poor kid.  He just stunk up the place.  No two ways about it.   Lenny DiNardo just gave up two more of Bronson Arroyo’s runs.

***Letting it go for now.  Letting it go for now.***

I’ve received a lot of very nice (honestly) emails lately from Red Sox and Yankees fans alike (and even other fans as well).  When I started this blog I did it for no other reason than as a place to rant, vent or just gush – away from "real life" because in my "real life" I tend to drive people a little batshit with my Red Sox obsession.  I never expected anyone but me to read it.  So I’m tickled and  humbled that folks read it and then come back and read it again.  Thanks, everyone!

One of those emails I received was from a fellow named Geoffrey Hanson.  Geoffrey wrote what seems to be a very neat book about last season called "Curse to Verse The Boston Red Sox Miracle Season From A to Z".  I encourage you to check it out…it’s very cleverly done.

I figure if I can spread some good karma around it can’t hurt, right?

(Lenny has two strikeouts.  It’s only the fourth inning…it’s only the fourth inning…it’s only the fourth inning…)

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