One other item from Friday night

I know perfectly well that all Yankees fans aren’t jerks.  And I know that there are even some who were supporting the team this year when they were doing so poorly.  Not many, but I know there were some.

But I have to laugh when I see Yankees fans so worried about their team that they go to a Red Sox/Orioles game in plain white t-shirts that have "Beat the BloSux" written on them in black sharpie.

And then, said fans, walk around after the game antagonizing large groups of male red sox fans…and then, said fans, get escorted from the park by Baltimore’s finest.

That was a productive night for them.

(Ah yes…and a few friends pointed out that they thought they heard "THE chant" at the game last night.  They did.  The folks who run the jumbotron/scoreboardy thing at Camden thought it would be fun to continue showing the Yankees score from their out of town scoreboard.  So between innings, when they were playing loud music and showing the fans in the stands on the big screen, they continually cut to the out of town scoreboard – which had ALL the MLB scores on it – and only show the Yanks/Jays score, just to antagonize the fans.  Very classy.)

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