The Trifecta

Man oh man.  At the game last night with J, Rob and Emily.  In spite of the rain and the not so perfect conditions, we had an amazing time.  Highlighted by a couple of cool things that happened to me for the first time.

I’ve been to so many games in my lifetime I’ve lost count…but I’ve never caught a foul ball.  Well, I’ve still never CAUGHT one…but I certainly HAVE one now!

Kevin Millar, fourth inning, right to our area…I, of course, duck like the chicken of the sea that I am…Em and J DIVE behind me (let me tell you, I went home soaked not only from the rain, but from the beer they both dumped on me to get to the ball) and J came up with it. 

Here is the ball, J and yours truly:Pic_1

Now EVERYONE who knows me knows how I feel about Millar…so they purposely went out of their way to get the ball for ME, even though they could have kept it for themselves.  They’re awesome.  All three of them. 

The guy behind us (who J practically stole the ball from) remarked at one point, "I’ve never seen so many pictures taken of a baseball".  We took a ton.  And another friend who was at the game came by and took her own pictures too.

We get a little carried away by these things.  🙂

Secondly…tenth inning and some guy with a video camera comes by us pointing the camera at me and Em.  We wave and smile and the guy is gesturing his thumb behind him for us to look at the scoreboard.  There we are….Em and I…on the scoreboard.  First time for that too! 

And finally the ending.  I’ve never seen a walk off…and after the ball and the scoreboard I was torn between thinking I was asking too much for the win or the way my luck was going I was going to see a great one.   Well, I got my first walk off…although a walkoff HBP wasn’t EXACTLY what I was looking for.  It was still an amazing game all around and I was so happy to be with people who really enjoyed it as much as I did!

Not much of a blog, I know…but I got in really late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and I’m still so stoked about the ball and all that I haven’t really focussed on the fact that the Sox actually WON and the Yankees gained no ground either in the division race or in the wild card race.  🙂

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