Start spreading the news…

Real original title, I know.

I’ve been thinking about the Saturday game I’m going to in the Bronx.  It is going to be beyond weird to see Mark Bellhorn and Alan Embree in pinstripes.

According to the Yankees, this is what Mark Bellhorn has to look like now:Bellhornheadshotyanks_1 I need someone to explain it to me.  Who the heck is THIS guy?  It certainly isn’t Zig Zag (our nickname for the dude who always looks like he just sparked one up before he hit the field)…I’m pretty sure there is a pod hidden in his basement now.  Just to refresh your memory…here’s  a picture of Zig Zag from Spring Training of THIS year:Marksox_1 THIS IS NOT THE SAME GUY!  Why do the Yankees think you have to s*ck the spirit out of someone to get them to perform?  What the heck does Bellhorn’s hair have to do with how he plays?  Last time I checked, Zig Zag’s curly locks helped win the ALCS AND the World Series…but no, you put the pinstripes on and you sacrifice that part of yourself that makes you who you are.

Just ask Jason Giambi.  Then Jasong2001_4  and now    Jasong2005_2 .

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