A split is better than a loss

Well, I was hoping the Sox would leave California having won at least 2 out of the four games against the Angels…and they did.  So I’m happy.  Today’s game made me the happiest.  Jonathan Papelbon looks great.  He could be the boost our pitching needs. Big Papi bunted for a single.

That needs its own paragraph.  Big Papi bunted for a single.

Brilliant.  Freaking brilliant.

Renteria came up big for us, after spending four days being compared to Orlando Cabrera.  I love OC and he was huge for us, but people need to let go.  He’s with the Angels now and Edgar is our shortstop.  Deal.

Huge props to Mike Timlin.  2 innings of relief, 1 walk and two strikeouts.

That’s the way to come in from the bullpen.  Can’t wait to see him as our (we aren’t using the word but it’s what he will be) closer.  How’s that 1.73 era, Mike?

Speaking of which, Jonathan Papelbon’s era is 2.25.  2 freaking 25. 

Yanks lost (say thank you to Randy Johnson, kids…thanks Randy Johnson)…so the Sox are up 4 yet again.

And all is right with the world.

Of course, until Tuesday night when anything can happen against the Royals.  😀

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