A Christmas Carol Entirely From Memory – Ten Bones Theatre Company- December 2020


As a former theater kid, I used to partake in improv games. I was terrible at them. I used to be a fan of “Whose Line is it Anyway” but chalk that up to my once crush on Ryan Stiles. I don’t hate improv but it isn’t my favorite form of entertainment either. Not even close.

But there was something enticing about the idea of actors performing A Christmas Carol without any real script so when a friend who knows I’m trying to get in as many of these as possible this year suggested this one, I figured why not?

I’m not disappointed that I did. It was cute. A little annoying at times, as only improvers can be, but there were a few laugh out loud moments and Scott Thomas, the performer who had to do all of his improvised lines as Tiny Tim and Scrooge’s nephew Fred in RHYME was outstanding. (As was Pete McElligott, the host of the evening who brought not just humor but some genuine, touching emotion to his narration.) None of the actors knew which parts they’d be playing and all of them stepped up and pulled it off almost perfectly.

I was almost compelled to watch the next night’s performance (with different performers and different prompts so it would be a totally different show) but decided not to ruin the good feelings I have about this one by going through it again.

As the night began…

Curtain Call

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