Fiddler on the Roof – Emerson Colonial Theatre – March 2020

The best part of this show was that I got to take my mother on a girls’ night out. We went to a bar where she used to go with my dad and then to one of her favorite musicals.
You have to really mess up to make Fiddler not a wonderful experience and I was worried my mother wouldn’t like the show. But about five minutes in she turned to me and said “Okay, I love Tevye!” and that is as good a review as you’d get from her.
I don’t have much to say about this show because I swear I was more focused on what a good time my mother was having. (I saw it last year off-Broadway in Yiddish and THAT will forever be my favorite version.) The cast was good, the show is the show. You either like it or you don’t and I do. So it was a great night at the theater. 
The worry is that soon we might not be going to the theater for a while given the coronavirus so if this is the last show I see for a while I’m just happy to have such a good memory with my mother.

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