Too early for all the drama

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The Red Sox went into the bottom of the ninth last night with the score tied 1-1. The Orioles pitcher loaded the bases without getting one out and I thought I was going to see the Red Sox win by the O’s giving up a walk-off double play. Instead, Orioles pitcher Wynn Pelzer hit Yamaico Navarro on the left hand to give the Red Sox a game-winning HBP. (Many thought Navarro was hit in the head because that’s where the ball was going but he deflected it when he put up his hand. Quick thinking, Yamaico!)

The reaction of the crowd was amusing (well, amusing once we realized Navarro was okay).  Silent, stunned and then folks just got up and started to leave when Navarro got up and the Orioles left the field.  “Did we win?  Should we celebrate winning when one of our guys got hit in the process?”  If my Twitter and Facebook feeds are any indication most people at the park thought he got hit in the head for a longer period of time than those of us watching on television.  Must have been scary to see him go down so quickly.  Very happy that all he’s dealing with this morning is a bruised left hand.

At 1:05pm today, the MLB Network is airing the Red Sox @ Tampa Bay game.  I get confused with these games.  It isn’t going to be on NESN so does that mean we in the NESN market will get to watch it on the MLB Network?  (I tweeted this question – if I get an answer before I finish writing this entry, I’ll share it!)

Lot’s of “drama” for this game.  Carl Crawford will be playing against his old team.  Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon will, presumably, be playing together against their old team.  Will there be booing?  Will there be cheering?  Will there be hugs???

These are the questions we need answers to.  (Well, that and the whole “Will we be able to watch the game” thing.)

A month from today is the Sunday of opening weekend at Fenway.  Yanks are in town for an ESPN 8pm game.  A month sounds like it’s so far away.

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