(Pre) Season of Hope

Although none of them are required to be there until Sunday, a good portion of the Red Sox are currently in Fort Myers, already getting in some unofficial workouts.

I know there are a lot of people who steer clear of places like Twitter and Facebook, but they really are wonderful resources to get information (and photos) as the action happens down South.  Especially Twitter.  Beat writers are posting photos from their phones all day long.  Little bits of insight to what is going on in a place most likely much warmer than where you are right now.  As an example, not too long ago, Ian Browne tweeted this and attached a photo of Adrian Gonzalez and Dustin Pedroia.  Not the best quality, but a pretty cool photo nonetheless.

This is the time of year that everything is possible in the eyes of baseball fans.  Not a pitch has yet been thrown, but we can believe that our team will be in the World Series because there is no one who can tell us differently. Not yet, anyway.  We have about a month and a half where we can bask in the anticipation of a fantastic season.  We all expect to be there in October!

Just think of all we, as Red Sox fans, have to look forward to this season: Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford…no Joe Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball…the world is our oyster!!

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