Giving Thanks…for all of you

When I started this blog as “Red Sox Chick” over at MLBlogs in 2005 I naively thought I’d be using it as a personal journal where I’d write (or rant) about the Red Sox and the only one paying attention would be me.  Over time, through comments left and emails sent, I found that people who weren’t even related to me had happened upon the blog and started reading it.  I was a little intimidated at first, but finding an audience also helped me find my voice for the blog.  I am terribly thankful that you all are out there reading my ramblings (even in the off-season!) and I’m a little humbled as well.

It’s no fun talking to yourself for too long and had you all not come along, I probably would have stopped blogging years ago.  Because you all are around giving support to my small part of the Internet, you’re really the folks responsible for the success of this blog.  Thank you for that and for all of the support you’ve given over the years.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, folks.  And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, well I hope you have a wonderful day!  In either event, thank you, again, for being supportive and being the reason I continue to do this.

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