The Sandlot – 1993

I wonder how many women have memories of their dad teaching them how to catch a baseball?

The scene where Denis Leary teaches his stepson how to play catch brought back such strong memories i couldn’t believe it.  From explaining about following the ball to getting hit in the face…I lived it.

The only negative in this film is the narration.  Referring to “the biggest pickle” the boys ever got into was annoying enough, but the narrator’s voice (film director and screenwriter David Evans) lacks the emotion necessary to convey an adult reliving his childhood.  All the narrating did was take me OUT of the film…which isn’t what a narrator is supposed to do.

But I’m a sucker for a baseball movie and this one has been on my list of ones to watch.  So I’m happy I did because the story was likable enough.  I would have enjoyed more of James Earl Jones’ character, though.  But it was a story about the boys and not about an old ball player so I get that.

Admittedly, I shed a tear or two at the end when adult Benny steals home.  That alone made it worthwhile for me.

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