Careful what you wish for

Okay, so I’m the one who wanted this thing to go seven games, right?  When I wrote that, I wasn’t really considering that the Rangers winning a game would just enhance the level of Fox’s asskissing.  The way Fox is hyping Texas, you would think that the Giants only made it to the World Series because every player on every other team in the league contracted cholera.  Cliff Lee is the best pitcher in the whole wide world and Josh Hamilton is the next Mickey Mantle.  There is, apparently, nothing the Rangers can do wrong (except get their asses handed to them in Games 1 and 2) and the Giants, well, yeah they’re here too.

For the record, Lee is doing better than Lincecum in the playoffs this year, but only slightly.  And I tweeted last night that Cody Ross is doing a whole helluva lot better in the playoffs than Josh Hamilton.  Doesn’t take away from how good Hamilton has been but I prefer Fox maybe live in the NOW and instead of talking about Hamilton like he’s a god, maybe mention his .220 average this post season.  Or his .361 on base percentage or his slugging at .540.  Ross, for the record, holds a .318 average this postseason with an on base percentage of .412 and a slugging percentage of .773.  He has one RBI more than Hamilton and three more hits and for all the bragging about Hamilton’s five home runs this postseason, guess how many Ross has?  Five.  Cody Ross is doing better than Josh Hamilton this postseason, and his team leads the series, yet all the fellas at Fox care about, still, is Josh Hamilton (and Cliff Lee and, pretty much, everyone on the Rangers).

So if there are baseball gods and I have any pull with them, I want them to know that I changed my mind.  I don’t want this series to go seven…I want it to go five.  I want the Giants to put the hurt on the Rangers for these next two games if for no other reason than to shut the talking heads over at Fox the hell up.

Nothing personal, Rangers.  It isn’t your fault that Fox decided to jump on your bandwagon.  But, really, I’ve had enough of the ballwashing and the sooner this series is over the sooner I don’t have to hear Joe Buck or Tim McCarver slurping all over you.

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