Touch of Evil – 1958

Any film buff knows about the first 3 + minutes of this movie.  Beautifully filmed with one camera in one shot.  It’s been on my list of films to watch for years but I’ve never hit it right until today.

In what world is it believable that Charlton Heston is Mexican?  Even in black and white the makeup job is absolutely ridiculous.  And ever time he goes for Janet Leigh I want to tell her to run.

I grew up believing Orson Welles was the most brilliant man to ever come out of Hollywood.  I don’t understand how he got roped into directing Heston with a face covered in dark foundation.

I can’t decide how I feel about this movie.  I liked the story well enough and that opening scene is really just flat-out gorgeous.  But the only acting in it that I didn’t think was over the top was Orson Welles’.    Everything Janet Leigh did annoyed me and Charlton Heston just went around yelling at everyone.

Loved watching Orson Welles be batshit crazy cop.  Makes me want to go watch more Welles movies.

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