Looking for Mr. Goodbar – 1977

Totally remember that this movie was a big deal when it came out even though I was only about 8 when it did.  I also remember my parents using this film (and the true story it was based on) to warn my sister and I about the dangers of strange men.  I ended up reading the book when I was in my twenties and wondering how the woman’s friends let what happened happen.  I also wondered how Diane Keaton could pull this character off.  I’m about to find out.

Ah, I can see how Diane Keaton losing her virginity on screen would upset folks.

Tuesday Weld as the sister the family probably thought was the most screwed up.  Pregnant by someone who isn’t her husband.  Jeez, this movie has it all.

Sister also went for an abortion and ended up with a husband.  I have a sister.  She isn’t anywhere near being this whacked.  Thank you for that, big sister.

At the very least, this is a great film to show how stupid it is to have an affair with a married man.  Especially arrogant, asshole teachers who think they’re better than you.

“I just can’t stand a woman’s company right after I’ve fucked her.”  Lovely, just lovely.  Especially given old Martin is certainly no prize.

Her sister having another baby and deaf people getting married seem to bother Theresa.  She’s too young to be jealous of everyone getting married and having babies.

“There’s always someone else.”  This guy Martin was a real winner.  Too bad he isn’t the one who dies at the end.

Brian Dennehy as a doctor in her hallucination!!

Porn movies at a party at her sister’s place.  And now it begins…

Asshole father.  Pushing her out of the house.

Do people in the real world call their father “Poppa”?  I only hear it in the movies.  I don’t know ANYONE who calls their father Poppa or Pop.

I guess it’s helpful to have a ho for a sister if you want to learn the ropes.

Hey, Levar Burton!  This movie has a who’s who of cameos.

Okay, very cool soundtrack.   I’m pretty sure I have all these disco songs on my iPod.

She’s at the bar reading “The Godfather”.  Both inside joke and keeping true to the book.

“Yeah, I seen the movie”.  Heh.

As if we needed a reminder that Richard Gere was drop dead gorgeous back in the day.

And here comes William Atherton.  “This man has no dick.”

The shitty sister getting another abortion.  She’s a pissa, this one.

Did The Price is Right used to be on at night?  They’re watching The Price is Right after dinner.

The boyfriend who is normal is too normal for her.  I hate women like this.  Sorry William Atherton…better luck next time.

Richard Gere’s accent is killing me.  And I’m realizing that even when her characters are different, Diane Keaton acts the same.  Same laugh, same nervous ticks.  It’s a little disappointing.

So Gere’s freakout with the glow in the dark knife (does he think he’s a Jedi?) doesn’t make her want to rethink her decisions?

Don’t think it’s such a good idea to take the nice guy to the dive that she hangs out at and gets her drugs from.

She’s so naive she thinks when the drug dealer asks for a dime he wants a real dime.  This is how people die.

William Atherton should never be allowed to dance again.  That is all.

Richard Gere breaks in and is waiting for her after her date with Atherton.  Is his character purposely this unappealing so we all would think we would know better if we met up with him?

I have seen way too much naked Diane Keaton today.

Holy crap she’s annoying.

Very nice touch how she slams her lamp a few times to turn it on.

Oh and shitty Martin is back and he’s getting divorced.  Asshat.  Nice blowoff of him, though.

William Atherton is very appealing in this film.  In any other film he and Keaton would be perfect.

Nothing says romance like roaches.

Wine from a water glass and she’s doing her best to seduce him…so far no luck.  He’s smarter than he looks.  (He’s also quite handsome in this film.  Never considered him handsome before this.)

So his mother died the way that Diane Keaton eventually dies?

Oh, wait, he lied?  What?  Huh?

The book explains a lot more about what drives her.  She comes off as sad and broken in the book and in the film she’s annoying and narcissistic.

Tom Berenger kissing some dude.  Alrighty then.

She isn’t real picky about who she brings home, is she?  Some nerdy, balding guy who insults her breast size?  Richard Gere shows up and is unhappy.  But he “forgives” her.  I get it.  Are we supposed to think that Gere is the one who ends up killing her?  I mean, I know who does, but they’re trying to set this up, right?

Tuesday Weld just put a towel on her and covered her with roaches.  With sisters like her…

Richard Gere hanging outside the schoolyard waiting on her.  Levar Burton is not happy.

He’s adorable as he kicks the crap out of Gere.

Arrested in her bathrobe because Gere ratted her out.  Now she has no job and is publicly humiliated.  Death can’t be far behind.

But wait, William Atherton still loves her.

Scoliosis?  The big family secret is scoliosis?  Are they shitting??

So she has an insane ex-boyfriend and she’s going to choose to go out and pick up a stranger?  You know, I hate to blame the victim…

If I had based life on how films depicted it in the 70s, especially on the east coast, I’d never leave my house.

Crazy Tom Berenger dressed for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He makes it work.  Self-hating gay man going crazy on his boyfriend.  “I’m a pitcher not a catcher!”

So her last night cruising bars, eh?  There’s irony for you.

So William Atherton shows up and she chooses to go off with Tom Berenger.  Good decision making skills there, sister.

I just watched the trailer for this movie and was reminded that for the longest time I thought this film was a porn movie.  I’m sure my parents didn’t do anything to discourage that at the time.

Gere, Atherton and Berenger…the hotness factor in this film is off the charts until two out of those three start talking.  Who would think that Atherton would win out in that group?

It begins…Tom can’t get it up…

Amazingly directed murder scene.  Can’t imagine what it was like to leave the theater after that ending.

Really liked it.  Disappointed that it showed me that Diane Keaton plays the same character in every film she’s in.

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