Flawless – 1999

Watching this because someone suggested it (and it’s free On Demand).  It really wasn’t one I wanted to watch (although the subject matter I do find interesting) but I’m willing to give it a try.

Holy cow…Hoffman pulls off drag amazingly well.

Okay, I watched this one without writing it up during it…so this will be a short one just so I can have it here for posterity (and to remind myself that I watched it!).

The acting from De Niro and Hoffman is absolutely superb.  The plot was a little odd and forced but their phenomenal acting styles really pulled it together for me.

It occurs to me that Hoffman, even with the Oscar, doesn’t get enough credit for his range.  This man is NEVER the same person twice in his films and for that alone any time he’s in a film, I want to make sure I see it.   And De Niro pulls off the stroke victim without hamming it up (something he isn’t always able to do – not ham it up, I mean.)

I remember when this film came out and I remember a passing desire to see it…but I don’t remember why I didn’t.  And then I never had any desire to go BACK and look it up.  I’m so glad I did.  This goes on the list of “Would watch it again”.

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