Stop the pain

Surprising no one, the Yankees swept the Twins.  I know the Yankees are a good team but the Twins were supposed to be a good team as well.  I hate when teams like the Twins prove those people right who believe the deeds of the past will always repeat themselves.  The Twins always roll over for the Yankees…I heard this over and over again before this series ended.  I don’t believe in “always”.  New teams, new situations, different results are entirely possible.  So the Twins showing the baseball world that, indeed, they do intend to continue to roll over for the Yankees is a bit depressing.

The Rays on their way to bringing their DS to a fifth game annoys me as well.  I mean, if the Rangers either pull off a comeback today or pound the Rays in game five in Saint Pete, that’ll be swell.  But if we are subjected to watching the Rays v the Yankees in the ALCS, there’s a very good possibility you all will be watching without me.  As they say, I’m going to have to root for the meteor.

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