I find a delightful irony in the fact that the one playoff series I was on the fence about which team I wanted to win is turning out to be the most interesting series of the four so far.

With all due respect to Roy Halladay’s no-hitter, which was fabulous, having three teams n the division series up 2-0 is, in a word, boring.  (Another word is frustrating, but I’ll leave that for now.)  So the Braves shaking things up last night and making them interesting at least gives me one series to look forward to.

Today both the Yankees and the Rangers have an opportunity to sweep their respective series.  I want the Rangers to sweep but I want the Twins to remember that they don’t HAVE to suck against the Yankees.  Kick it into gear, Minnesota.  You’re embarrassing yourselves.

And remember:  No matter how many times they play The Imperial March for their opponents, the Yankees will always be the bad guys.  We can’t let the bad guys win again.

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