Sometimes it's good to remember that this is for fun! Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Sometimes it's good to remember that this is for fun!  Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Didn’t watch one minute of the Sox/Rangers game last night.  Listened to a few minutes on the ride home but didn’t see any of it.  Which is helpful the day after a game of suck that makes most people punch walls and kick things.  So while I’m bummed by the blown lead (8-2?  Really?  They couldn’t hold an 8-2 lead?) I’m not bothered like I would have been had I watched the game and shut it off as Wake gave up that home run.  I’m thankful for the little gifts in life because had I watched that I’d be pounding this keyboard right now and today I’m not.

Royals beat the Yankees and Orioles beat the Rays.  I saw neither of those outcomes coming.  Good job, fellas.

There’s a small possibility I’ll miss tonight’s game and I’m definitely going to miss Sunday’s.  I don’t mind if I miss a good game (as long as the finish is favorable for us) but even mores so I don’t mind missing a bad one and, regardless of the offensive output by the Sox last night, I really don’t mind having missed that game.

Looks like I missed Jacoby re-injure himself last night.  Can’t decide what bothers me more, that the kid is in that broken-rib type pain again, that the team loses him again, or that I’ll have to listen to/read all the people complaining about how soft he is again.

Since this post has just been a ray of sunshine already, let me brighten it more by sending you to Caryn’s (aka Metsgrrl) blog to read about Rob Dibble.  Let’s just say, I’m grateful that I’ve never encountered that kind of misogyny from Don or Jerry and even though I’m not in their market, I sent MASN a nasty email about it.

It isn’t often that I am thankful for an 8’clock game on a Saturday but today I am.  Go out and enjoy the day, folks, and wash the memories of last night’s game out of your brains.  Jon Lester takes the mound tonight to give us all a little hope.

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