I’ve watched this game three times already!

Welcome back!  Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/sittingstill.net and used with permission.

Welcome back! Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/sittingstill.net and used with permission.

Random thoughts:

*  Hitting a home run against the Yankees in their stadium to help pad the lead and ensure the team’s win has to be the best way to get your first Major League home run.  As Kelly O’Connor pointed out on Twitter:  It was such an amazing feat that the team didn’t even consider giving Ryan Kalish the rookie silent treatment.  He was greeted at the top of the dugout stairs by the Large Father with a bear hug.  It’s always great to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees but seeing the “kids” be a big part of the reason why they did makes it that much more fun.

*  Jacoby Ellsbury went all out, bouncing his body, including his ribs, off the outfield ground in a successful effort to catch a ball Lance Berkman drilled in the 8th inning.  He briefly grabbed his ribs and later said that it “didn’t help” them, but he did it and  he helped keep the game in check by doing so.  That anyone seriously thinks this guy is “soft” baffles me.

*  Mark Teixeira made, what Don Orsillo pointed out as, an impressive catch in the stands last night.  He reached about two rows in and snagged the foul ball.  The reason he made such a good catch?  The group of seats he leaned over had no one in them.  Had the Yankees filled the park, that catch wouldn’t have been made.  It occurs to me that we’re fortunate in Boston where they let you sit where you want at Fenway (short of the “special” areas above the park like the Pavilion or Monster seats) until someone comes to you and tells you that you’re in their seat.  (I bought an $8 standing room ticket this year and spent most of the game sitting in the field box seats).

*  It’s amazing how one win can give so many so much hope.  I’m still digging the pitching matchups and thinking today’s game will be the iffy one but I predict today will be the day John Lackey finally has his “good” day game!

*  Last night’s game was on the MLB Network.  Today’s game is on Fox at 4pm.  Tomorrow’s game is on ESPN at 8pm and Monday’s game is, again, on the MLB Network at 2pm.  While some might think the rivalry has cooled down, apparently it still brings in the big ratings nationally.  Thankfully, last night’s and Monday’s games can still be seen on NESN but for the weekend we’re stuck with the likes of McCarver, Buck and Morgan.  Be strong, Nation!

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