Can we make uniforms out of bubble wrap?

I’m really getting tired of listing all the injuries the team has endured so far this season.

So let’s focus on the good. The team needed Jon Lester to go at least 7 innings and I was hoping for 8…what we got was his second complete game this season and a nice bit of rest for the bullpen.  Winning the series was a nice way to end the weekend.

A day off today and more time for Victor Martinez to rest that finger (no word of him going on the DL from the team, but ESPN, MLBN and just about every baseball writer I read has already reported it as true – can’t wait for Victor to show up behind the plate tomorrow night and give the all the finger).

A programming note:  Tomorrow’s regularly scheduled live chat will be postponed to Wednesday.  Sox lost last Tuesday and the string of live chat wins began on a Wednesday so I figured I’d shake it up to see how it works (Okay, that and I have something scheduled that I can’t change).  Next week the chat will be back on Tuesday.

Two games behind the Yankees and the Sox are in sole possession of the second place slot in the division.  It’s small steps but they’re working their way up.   I’ll be back at Fenway this weekend and just look forward to watching a game where, hopefully, no one gets hurt!

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