Gotta win, gotta score

Sure, you THINK he doesn't look intimidating...but he will kick your ass.  Courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Sure, you THINK he doesn't look intimidating...but he will kick your ass. Courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Another successful game!  Took a while and gave us some angst while it was happening but it ended well and, right now, that’s all we can ask for, right?

Great time in the live chat (and we’re now 3 for 3 so I might have to think about scheduling maybe 2 a week instead of 1 to help the Sox out of their funk!) – thanks to everyone who participated (whether by actually chatting or just visiting us to follow along).

Once again, Dustin Pedroia goes into the post-game questioning period with a message for folks…:

“David’s fine,” Pedroia said. “He’s one of our teammates. It could’ve been me that hit into a double play. It happens to everybody, man. He’s had 60 at-bats. A couple of years ago, I was hitting .170 and everyone was ready to kill me too. What happened? Laser show so relax. I’m tired of looking at the NESN poll, ‘Why is David struggling?’ David’s fine. He’s one of our teammates. We believe in him. He came out of it last year, he’s going to come out of it this year.

“It’s 25 guys, man. We met the other day. We need everybody to win. This isn’t two or three guys who are going to carry a team. We need everybody to help us win games. We have each other’s backs and we’re ready for the long haul. We started out [crappy] but we’re going to come out of it. We believe that.”

Now, regardless of whether you all think Papi is “fine” or you want him run out on a rail, you have to admit that being so forceful and forthcoming with public support is a sign of one hell of a teammate.  Ever since John Tomase’s story about how the chemistry in the clubhouse is terrible (using no named sources – my favorite way to try and disparage people.  Oh wait, it isn’t MY favorite way, it’s Tomase’s) there has been an active show of support from all over the team whether it’s the way the act in the dugout or the things they say to the press.  Maybe Tomase’s piece had some merit to it?  OR maybe they were so disgusted by it they decided (at the team meeting?) to make sure folks new it was full of holes?  In any event, I’m enjoying the public shows of solidarity – even if it’s only for our benefit.

And, fools who boo Papi, really, give up  your tickets.  You absolutely don’t deserve to sit in those seats.  I’ve gone over and over about how I feel about booing so there is no need to rehash it all but I’ll say this:  If you sit at Fenway Park (or ANY park) and call yourself a Red Sox fan AND boo David Ortiz, you are an asshole.  Plain and simple.

Oh, and Jeremy Hermida has something to say to those worried that Papi will be a problem in the clubhouse (talking about when he scored on Mike Lowell’s double in the 8th):

“He was one of the first guys to come up to me and said, ‘Way to pick me up,’” Hermida said. “That shows what kind of teammate he is and what kind of guy he is. He realizes there’s only so much he can do out there. He squared up a ball but unfortunately it was right at somebody. Fortunately, we were able to come through and get the knock when we needed it.”

He isn’t sitting and sulking. He’s still a part of the damn team and people need to remember that.  I will absolutely not disagree that it’s painful to watch him struggle with his at-bats but that doesn’t mean he deserves the anger and disrespect that so many are throwing around right now.  I don’t envy Tito his job; the decision to sit a legend doesn’t come easy.  I believe Tito will do what’s right for this team and his players and I’m not going to second guess him – especially not on May 5th.  Seriously, people, criticizing Papi on your blogs or on message boards, fine, I get it, it’s frustrating.  Booing him at Fenway?  You folks can go sit on a tack.

Tonight at Fenway the Red Sox will honor Nomar Garciaparra with a retirement ceremony of some sort.  I won’t be there but I’ll be watching.  Congratulations, again, Nomar!

John Lackey will, for the first time in his career, pitch against the Angels tonight with old friend Joel Pineiro on the mound.  So the quest for a sweep begins at 7:10pm.  Come on, John.  You don’t want Clay to be the only one on the team with 3 wins, right?

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