Make me think there&#39s some truth in it

Rocco Baldelli - March 2009 (Photo by Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission)

Rocco Baldelli - March 2009 (Photo by Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission)

So I’m minding my own business, sleeping actually, and I hear a notification alarm coming from the iPhone. I pick it up and see it’s from someone on Facebook. I read it and this is what I see:

Rocco Baldelli
just came to a mutual agreement with the New York I get to see what the Yankee side of the rivalry is like after witnessing the Boston side in 2009

It’s an odd way to wake up.  My first thought was, “I’m pretty sure I’m not Facebook friends with Rocco Baldelli” and my second thought, when I realized the update was coming from a fan page was, “Why would the person who runs the Rocco Baldelli fan page make up such a stupid lie”?

Also, the profile photo for Rocco’s fan page has been replaced with the logo for the Yankees, and his “affiliation” and “location” have changed to “New York Yankees” and  “Bronx, NY”.  It looks to me like the person who started the fan page is just someone looking to rile people up.  A quick Google search of Rocco’s name and you get a link to Rotoworld who links to this blog entry by Pete Caldera.  Here’s the money quote:

There is some mutual interest here, according to a source, but nothing has advanced yet past that. Given his injury history, and his talent, Baldelli would fall under the High Risk/High Reward category. But his candidacy as a potential left fielder vs. lefty pitching is something to seriously consider.

So “a source” tells one guy in New Jersey (who specifically asked about Baldelli) that there is “some mutual interest” and suddenly Rocco is wearing pinstripes? I never say never, and a Baldelli and MFY marriage isn’t the craziest idea I’ve ever heard thrown around (funny that it hasn’t been touched on by anyone of interest on Twitter yet) but I’d prefer my “official” pages for information actually have the correct information and not just throw crap to the wall to get people to comment on your page.

I’m not buying Rocco to the Yanks until I hear it from a source more reputable than a guy in Jersey who floated the idea and wants credit for it or, especially,  someone more credible than an anonymous person on Facebook.

Quick edit:  I no sooner hit “publish” on this entry and I find this at the LoHud Yankees Blog:

There is a Facebook page attributed to Rocco Baldelli that says Baldelli “just came to a mutual agreement with the New York Yankees.”

“That would be false,” Brian Cashman said.

Such is the world of the Internet.

Cashman acknowledged that the Yankees are talking to several players – ”We’re trying to assess our legitimate choices in the sandbox we’re playing in,” he said — but the team has reached an agreement with none of them.

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