I’m restless for the open water

Wake at "Hot Stove, Cool Music" in 2005 (Taken by me)

Wake at "Hot Stove, Cool Music" in 2005 (Taken by me)

Generally speaking, it shouldn’t be difficult to find something to write about on a baseball-themed blog during the playoffs, right?  I mean, sure, I’m a Red Sox fan and the majority of my blog writing is dedicated to them but it’s the PLAYOFFS, I should get some joy out of them since I’m also just a straight-out baseball fan.  I should be writing about game 2 of the NLCS and game 1 of the ALCS.

But, see, both games annoyed the crap out of me so what would I write about?  I’d love to write about Pedro’s dominance (and, make no mistake, he DID dominate, just ask Manny Ramirez) but since it was capped by a Phillies meltdown it’s a bit bittersweet.  (Shout out to Phillies fans who have had to deal with Charlie Manuel all this time.  I’m sure he’s a wonderful manager – hell he got the team the World Series last year  – but could he be MORE trigger happy when it comes to pulling pitchers?  Chan Ho Park was a victim of bad defense and weird hops not his own pitching.  He should have left him in.  Speaking of Chan Ho, how is it that I never noticed how pretty his face is?  Even with all that hair.  The man is quite a handsome fella. )

There is some news out of Red Sox country…according to various sources, Tim Wakefield’s back surgery is set for next Wednesday at Mass General.  Nick Green will also be evaluated next week with surgery being a possible option and the word on Jed Lowrie is that his wrist is doing well and he should be ready to play when Spring Training arrives.  If Wake’s surgery goes well, the Red Sox plan on bringing him back for another season.  So not only for his health but for the team I’m sending out positive vibes for Wake’s surgery next week.  I want him back in the red socks.  Ditto for Jed Lowrie.  (Nick Green?  Well, I wish him good health but will be okay if his road doesn’t lead to Ft Myers next year.)

Only one MLB game tonight and it comes from the Bronx.  Let’s hope Saunders fares better than Lackey did!

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