Should we have signed off before?

Where's the love for Clay?  (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission)

Where's the love for Clay? (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission)

While I have no beef with the team losing only one out of four games I’m getting annoyed by watching the Red Sox squander good pitching.  Granted, they came up against amazing pitching in Justin Verlander so there really isn’t any point in lamenting it for too long.  Sox are in Texas and need to make the best of this weekend – especially without Kevin Youkilis in the line up.  Lester, Penny and Tazawa will be on the mound this weekend (two 8:05pm games and a 2:05pm game on Sunday for those looking for the schedule.) and I have high hopes for, at least, a series win.

Bronson Arroyo threw a complete game, two-hitter last night.  Apparently he pitches better when the media is up his culo.  It was pointed out to me by more than one person that I didn’t mention Bronson’s comment about drunk driving:

“It might be dangerous,” he said, according to the report, “but so is drinking and driving. And how many of us do it at least once a year? Pretty much everybody.”

Now the reasons I didn’t pull that quote out had more to do with my focus on what he was saying related to baseball – but about the above quote I’ll say this:  I hate when people pull the rest of society into their argument just for the sake of making it.  I don’t drive right now but I used to – back in my younger days – and I have never  driven drunk.  I know many people who have never driven drunk.  Just because you might do it doesn’t mean everyone else is doing it.  As much as I enjoyed the fact that Bronson was owning up to a lot in that interview, throwing this line in there is annoying on a few levels and proves, again, that maybe Bronson should use a better filter when he speaks.  Although, he keeps saying he doesn’t care what people think.  I think some of his comments prove that thoroughly.

How about a quote I truly enjoyed?  Courtesy of Rob Bradford, Josh Beckett on the Cy Young award:

But I’m not going kiss somebody’s ass just to have somebody vote for me. I’m not going to get outside my comfort zone just to make sure that happens.”

Jim Rice approves, Josh. Jim Rice approves.

It’s a gorgeous day in New England and my plan is to enjoy it then come back tonight and enjoy Jon Lester beating the Rangers.  We’ll see how that goes.

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