Honey ain’t nobody ever gonna love you

Photo I took of Luke and his cranky pants on Patriots Day

Dear Luke Scott:

I’m sorry that your stay in our wonderful city was less than enjoyable for you. How disappointing that you travel here for four days full of optimism and leave with bitter, angry feelings. I’m sure going 4 for 15 (scoring only one run and hitting no RBI) had nothing to do with your feelings about Boston. I’m positive your team giving up 30 runs, only scoring 14 runs and then getting swept by a struggling team after your own team was coming off of a very hot start didn’t affect you at all. It was all about the fans.

I’m awfully sorry that the fans didn’t greet you like a hero. You must have been terribly upset when you realized they were all yelling “Youuuuk!” and not “Luuuuke!”. Next time we’ll try to be more hospitable.

Someday, Luke, maybe you’ll remember that, while one of your own teammates was face down and immobile on the Fenway dirt after being hit in the head by a throw from our pitcher, the Fenway fans stood quietly waiting for some good word and cheered wildly and gave him a standing ovation as he slowly walked off the field. I hope you remember that, Luke. Because waiting to trash talk the Red Sox fans until after the last game of the series, while probably making sense to you, was a pretty stupid move considering how the fans acted on Monday.

I’m going to guess that you might have forgotten that your team has to come back here in July. And that the fact that Red Sox fans take over Orioles Park slipped your mind. Yeah, have fun with that.

Mike Petraglia’s piece seems to imply that you were upset about the baseball being thrown back on the field. Relax, fella. Not everything is about you.

You aren’t Mark Teixeira. You aren’t big enough to pick a fight with the fans. You didn’t come across sounding tough, just whiny. Not exactly the image you want to go for, Luke.

So here’s hoping you enjoy your visit much more when you return in July (the 24th through the 26th. I see tickets are unavailable for that series. See, Luke? Fans are going to be lining up to see you!). Although, somehow, I don’t think you will.


Cyn Donnelly

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