I’ll give you fish. I’ll give you candy.

Timlin via NESN prior to the game.

Regular readers of my blog know this about me: Mike Timlin is the man. 🙂

He’s second only to Fred Lynn on my list of all-time favorite Red Sox players. So while part of me is sorry that I wasn’t at the game to see him today (he was involved in pre-game ceremonies at Fenway and in Boston because his wife, Dawn, is running in the marathon tomorrow) another part of me was glad that I was sitting at home watching the pre-game show and got to take these photos.

I’m sad that Mike isn’t playing this season (he hasn’t officially retired and still looks to be in good shape) but I am, selfishly, happy that he isn’t on another team and his last team (so far) was the Boston Red Sox.

Wally misses him too!

I suggested yesterday that Timlin should hang around Boston for a while (not realizing he was here) and maybe he’d pick up some NESN gigs. I would love seeing that being an option!

Mike Timlin will always be the leader of the bullpen in my eyes. I was a little sad to see the bullpen band last night (but happy that the band plays on!) without him. I really do hope he finds something to do within baseball. I miss him.

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