She won’t be coming back ’round here

No, it just felt that way. This is the only photo I took the time to download, so far, from Game 2.

If you’re new to my blog you might not know this so I’ll get it out there now: Jon Lester and I have a love/hate relationship. He loves to drive me crazy with his pitching and I hate to watch him pitch. It’s a relationship that’s worked well for us. Or, at least, it’s a relationship that exists in my head. “Jon Lester hates me” is my usual refrain after I’ve watched him pitch. Nothing changed last night.

The Sox had their opportunities but Scott Kazmir was really just solid last night. I think his basic pitching line betrays how powerful he looked. Actually, the same could be set, in the opposite manner, for Lester. Oh well. A win, a loss. Kind of how life works. I’m not at the park today but the Sox are. Matsuzaka v Garza at 1:35pm. They can’t win them all but it would be nice if they one the opening series, huh?

I’ve been told I need to wait on more game before I start lamenting that we might be looking at the “real” Jon Lester. So Crabby gets a reprieve from me until his next start.

Another game of note today is the PawSox/Bisons Opening Day game in Buffalo. Enrique Gonzalez goes for the PawSox and Jonathan Niese for the Bisons. It has been brought to my attention that Kyle Snyder is in the ‘pen for Buffalo even though the official Bisons website doesn’t even have him listed on the roster. Their game starts at 3:05pm today. Might be a little bit of cross-over with my having the Red Sox on and the PawSox on Gameday Audio!

I was really pleased to be able to see Rocco Baldelli’s debut in Fenway as a Red Sox player. He made a fabulous catch, he got a hit, and I’m ignoring the rest of his at-bats (two strike outs, four left on base). Interestingly, Jason Bay had a one-for-four night with an RBI and a strike out and he was a ball of fire. Did it show on television? I saw him say the eff word at least twice and he was just showing the world his mad face, seemingly, all night. Maybe he’s trying to ditch the sweet boy reputation he seems to have developed? Bay’s a bad ass!

My geek moment of the night: On the cab ride home (I got a cab before I even hit Kenmore Square right after I hit the bank after leaving the park. This is a source of pride that you will understand if you’ve ever tried to get a cab after a game at Fenway!) I discovered that I could listen to the Mets/Reds game on my iPhone. The new MLB At Bat application now connects to Gameday Audio. I’m pretty sure I was making the cab driver crazy with my constant turning up of the sound (and switching back and forth between the Mets and the Reds feeds). He was unimpressed when I told him what I was doing.

It was great to finally be back in Fenway and watch games that count! 1-1…not so horrible a way to start the season

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