I’ve been living to see you

One of the only photos I got of Beckett in New York last weekend. Took it from behind the chicken wire!

Let’s try this again, shall we?

Today will be the first Opening Day I’ve attended where I get to actually go to work for a decent amount of time and leave for the game from there. I’m still looking forward to it but it has a bit of a different feel. That, I’m sure, will change once I get to Fenway.

Since there was no Sox game to watch, I watched the Mets/Reds game and the Yankees/Orioles game (and fell asleep to the A’s/Angels game).

I’ve decided that Mark Teixeira is trying too damn hard to be the “bad guy” for all the fans who don’t like the Yankees. It seems every word out of his mouth is tailor-made to sound like he’s an arrogant ass. Actually, Chad Finn says pretty much what I feel:

A-Rod’s an easier target, but Teixeira, who reveals himself to be more of a duplicitous hypocrite than previously thought with each new interview, is a more deserving one. Sox fans don’t appreciate being played for fools. If there’s any justice, he will get booed so loudly he has to stuff a few of his wadded up $100s in his ears.

I originally thought that booing Teixeira was a bad idea because it’s giving him exactly what he wants, but what the hell, have at it Red Sox fans. Boo him back to the rock he crawled out from under. I did enjoy the blurb about the game on Yankees.com:

It was not the debut he was looking for Monday, but there will definitely be more good days than bad days for ace CC Sabathia, as the Yankees fell to the Orioles, 10-5, on Opening Day.

I’m waiting for Joe Girardi to burst into song (“The sun will come out TOMORROW”).

But today is about the Red Sox. That off-day after Opening Day came in handy and, for once, I think the Sox did a good job of cancelling it sooner rather than later and rescheduling it at a better time for most of the people hoping to attend. Had they set the game time today at 2pm, I’m sure many people with tickets would have had trouble making the game – I know I would have. Nice to see them take the fans into consideration.

Before I forget, I’m going to pimp Alex Speier’s “25 Players, 25 Questions” piece. It’s a fun read to get you psyched up for the season (and I’m not just saying that because of my contribution to it!).

Hope everyone gets to see the game today!

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