And the Stanley Cup is all filled up for the champs who win the drink.

Taking a moment away from baseball to point out something that annoys the heck out of me:

I’m reminded of Ray Bourque going to Colarado[sic]; when the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup it was as if the Bruins had done so.

This was part of a comment left on Curt Schilling’s most recent blog entry. (An entry I enjoyed. I’ve noted on my blog before how much it bothers me when reporters don’t directly quote someone.) I just have to say: No. No. No. No. No. No.

In my second entry for the “Next Great Sports Blogger” contest (the first being the one that got me into the top ten), “Everyone Loves a List“, I have Ray giving up his number to Phil Esposito on my list of my favorite New England sports moments. That list I wrote is genuine and definitely reflects how I feel. So does what I wrote after that entry:

I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve never forgiven Ray Bourque for asking to be traded so he could win. The only thing that keeps me from finding photos of him and setting them on fire is remembering this moment.

And, again, I know I’m in the minority, but I was embarrassed when the city gave Bourque a hero’s welcome after Colorado won the Stanley Cup. The Bruins didn’t win it, so why would you slap your hometown team in the face that way? And I know that nowadays it’s tough to be loyal to a team when teams aren’t loyal to you, but here is a guy who spent his entire career with one team and then begged to be traded because being one of the most beloved players in New England sports history wasn’t enough for him. I will always root for players I like who happen to not be on my team of choice, but I won’t be demanding parades for them in Boston if they do well. This will always, ALWAYS stick in my craw and any time someone brings it up as if everyone in New England was happy that Ray Bourque pouted his way to a Stanley Cup win I just want to hit them.

Not that I got that off my chest…I’m snowbound today. Honestly had no way to get off my street – so I’m indoors getting piddly things done that I’ve been putting off for a while. Listening to the Sox game while I work but, sadly, have the Baltimore feed. No Castig for me today. And no Kyle either. He didn’t get into the game yesterday and the Mets have the day off. So here I sit, cleaning up the laptop and happily listening to baseball. Just less than 35 days to Opening Day – looking at the mounds of snow outside, 35 days feels like a year.

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