I have questions

Kyle the exhibitionist (I have a lot of questions for him about the parade as well!!)  Photo by Violentz on Flickr

Kyle the exhibitionist (I have a lot of questions for him about the parade as well!!) Photo by Violentz on Flickr

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to interview famous people.  Not just any famous people, only the ones I liked.   And I’d ask questions like “Do you ever feel like punching a reporter in the face?” not “What were you thinking when you hit that home run?”.

So whenever a magazine or newspaper or website offers up one of those q&a’s or profiles of a famous person I like, I’m all over it.  My friend Beth gave me the heads up on one such profile in the December 8 edition of “The Sporting News”.  The profile?  Why Bronson Arroyo, of course.  TSN claims it is “What you won’t find on Facebook…even if you are approved as a friend” – which is a bit misleading since quite a few answers you can find on, oh say, Wikipedia.  I won’t give it all away (lest The Sporting News comes down on me) but here are a few interesting nuggets (with notes from me in purple):

Worst habit: Biting my fingernails (I share this habit, which is why you usually find me with acrylic nail tips – so I can’t bite them. Bronson should try that!)
Favorite value in others: Organization (If this is a deal-breaker, I’m doomed. Organization is a four-letter word, dude.)

Dream Date: Jewel. Just to sit and jam. (“Jam” with Jewel? Is he serious?? I have to go weep. I’ll be right back.)
My motto: ‘It ain’t no fun unless the homeys can have some!’ — Snoop Dogg (Um. Okay. I’m not much of a Snoop fan, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the implication is here. Let’s just say “Yuck” and be done with it.  There are some things I really don’t need to know.)

I’m a bit disappointed. I have a bunch of questions that would have generated better responses than these (and much less icky responses than that last one). Alas, that ship has now sailed. I’m going to have to focus my efforts on someone else.

How about Kyle Snyder? What are my chances of tracking him down and getting him to submit to a question and answer session? Seriously, I could get some genuine questions off (not just “How sick are you of people comparing you to Bronson Arroyo?”). I’m curious about the time he spent in the GCL and in Lowell last year and I want to know about his health now and where he sees himself going….hell, I know lots of folks who visit here would find it much more interesting reading than ‘It ain’t no fun unless the homeys can have some!’.

People weren’t thinking about Bronson this off-season and now, thanks to The Sporting News, he’ll be getting some winter mentions around the internet.  Kyle needs some representation here so people have him on their minds.  It’s all about publicity, dude.

Okay, fine, I just want an excuse to write about Kyle – but this could benefit us both.

Now I just have to figure out how to get this done.   It’s good to have a dream, huh?   😉

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