I hear singing…

Bronson Arroyo - March 2006 - Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Bronson Arroyo - March 2006 - Photo by Kelly O'Connor

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about Bronson Arroyo…so a day when I’m relatively uninspired to write is as good a time as any, eh?

Apparently, he’s been “around” and my Bronson-indicator totally missed it.  He showed up at Mohegan Sun Saturday night at Kevin Youkilis’ Hits for Kids fundraiser and performed a 3-song set (including “Wonderwall”).

(One note about that story I just linked, someone needs to give the Franconas lessons on what is ‘sexy’)

Bronson is also coming to town in January and we’ve put together a posse to go see him. 🙂

It’s becoming a tradition, seeing Bronson in concert in January, and as goofy as it is, it’s a heck of a good time.  I get to be 16 for a couple of hours and I’m always with friends who, pretty much, feel the same way.  Bronson absolutely knows his audience too and plays to that – I wonder, though, how much longer the fans will keep showing up to see a guy who hasn’t been on a Boston team since March of 2006.

Before this off-season is over, there’s a good chance Bronson will be traded from the Reds.  That team needs to do something to jump start them and there have been rumors that the Rangers are interested in him.  Bronson Arroyo back in the American League?  That would be interesting.

In non-Bronson news – Ian Browne tells us how we can vote for Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jonathan Papelbon, Daisuke Matsuzaka and many other Red Sox in the “This Year in Baseball” awards.  My favorite category?  “Oddity of the Year”.  Stroke of genius, MLB, stroke of genius.

Just randomly:  I swear I saw Jonathan Van Every on the Orange Line yesterday morning.  I should have said something to the guy in the event it was him, but I expect if I did the response I got would have been “Who?”.  Man, he sure had Van Every’s eyes!

Finally, today is Paul Byrd’s birthday.   Steroids and porn for everyone!

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