Picture flames coming out of my eyes…

Another update:  It might take longer than a day to get the old/new site back up.  And there’s a possibility a lot of the work from the site is gone.  I’m trying not to be too cranky about this…but that’s a little tough.  Still working through some admin issues.

Here’s a picture of Kyle to make us (well ME) happy.  :)  Hopefully by tonight I’ll have things back to normal.

Drownedworld73 flickr photo of Kyle Snyder from 2005

DreamHost (where I host the blog) is sucking big time again today so I’m hoping redirecting folks from “ToeingtheRubber” back to “Red Sox Chick” until things get worked out there (which should, hopefully, only be for today) will work.

Another benefit of blogging at WEEI in 2009 will be my not having to deal with stuff like this!  🙂

Edited to add:  the redirect worked.  Welcome to RSC/Toeing the Rubber – at least for the day.  (And thanks for putting up with this!)

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