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Farewell to Luis Alicea.  Maybe if he was around for the Jack McCormick thing, Manny would still be here!

Farewell to Luis Alicea. Maybe if he was around for the Jack McCormick thing, Manny would still be here! (Reuters photo)

Sure, it’s almost all Yankees-related, but it’s baseball news nonetheless.

I’m sure I should be more concerned about the Yankees throwing a bank at CC Sabathia,  but I’m not.  And every time I see the Yankees grabbing for the high-priced players, I think about Mike Mussina and Jason Giambi and Carl Pavano and Johnny Damon and, hell, even ARod (and so many others) and then I look at the cabinet where they keep their World Series trophies and notice that they haven’t put one in there since 2000.  And I smile a giant smile and enjoy the show.  What would be sweet, though, was if they threw their bags of money at CC and he said “Meh, no thanks.  I’d rather not go to a third-place team.”  Heh.

I will say that I’d be more than a little bummed if AJ Burnett or Derek Lowe or BOTH of them, really, ended up with the Yankees.  Not for any fear of the Red Sox having to face them (hell, they see Burnett enough as it is) but from the viewpoint of players I actually like playing for the Yankees (hello Xavier Nady).  Man, that makes my stomach hurt.  Both Sabathia and Lowe are represented by, you guessed it, Scott Boras, No they aren’t.  Just Lowe is.  Thanks to Matt for pointing out my mistake!  Greg Genske, is Sabathia’s agent.  so THOSE negotiations could be interesting.  Don’t give in to the dark side, Derek.  Don’t do it!

Hey at least Mike Lowell is getting healthy for when the Red Sox trade him after they sign Mark Teixeira!


(I am not advocating this to happen – see frowny face above!)

And we say farewell to Luis Alicea.  The hottest first base coach in the American League (rawrr!) and Manny calmer-downer will now become the hottest first base coach in the National League (rawrr!) – and Manny calmer-downer?  (I’m still convinced old Omar wants Manny and that Manny would love playing in New York, regardless of all his whinings about how horrible it is to be hounded by the press and fans.)

It’s Saturday and it sounds like the rain has stopped pummeling my house.  I’m going to go try and enjoy some of the day – hope you do the same!

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