It could happen!

Photo lifted from Little Manny's website

Photo lifted from Little Manny's website

I might not be posting tomorrow because I’m flying out to Seattle to interview for the position of manager for the Seattle Mariners.

Hey, they’re interviewing everyone else, why not me??

Feeling a little rambly tonight…indulge me, eh? 🙂

In spite of earlier reports, John Farrell isn’t on the short list of interviewers for the Seattle gig, but our beloved Brad Mills and DeMarlo Hale are both going to make the trip out to meet with new GM Jack Zduriencik.  Farrell reportedly will be meeting with Zduriencik after the intial seven have their interviews.  Hmmm…what is is about coaches in Boston that would make the Mariners want to pillage our team?

Side note:  I’m watching NESN and Manny Delcarmen is on with Tom Caron on NESN first edition of “Hot Stove”!!!  There isn’t much, but it’s baseball-related…this makes me happy!  Now they show Heidi Watney interviewing Mo Vaughn and my thoughts go immediately to the Foxy Lady…imagine that?

Congratulations to Evan Longoria and Geovany Soto on winning their respective League’s Rookie of the Year award – well deserved for both men.  Nice to see the system work!

Hey, there’s Lou Merloni.  Yeesh, Lou, season’s over…you don’t have to be so cranky anymore.

According to the crawl on NESN, Wally, the Green Monster and the Fenway Ambassadors will honor veterans on Veterans Day by visiting the New England Shelter Center for Homeless Veterans.  I like that Wally doesn’t stop working when the ballgames are over – and I especially like that the Red Sox are sending him to visit the veterans.  Well done.

And, finally, I give him major shit most of the year, but there’s no denying Kevin Youkilis is one hell of a player…and now he’s a husband.  Congratulations to Youk and Enza on their wedding this past weekend!

Finally, schminally…more charity stuff, folks.  Little Manny has his own bowling for charity event coming up on Saturday night at Kings.  You can buy tickets here.  If you haven’t been to MDC’s site, you should visit it.  The cuteness might kill you, though, so be warned.  And you know how I bitch all the time about how expensive most of the Red Sox-based charity events are?  Well Manny’s event is, to my mind, reasonably priced.

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