Bullet Points Because I’m Beat

Jacoby Ellsbury Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Jacoby Ellsbury Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

*  Instead of taking a nap pre-game, I  helped my niece with her homework.  She had to create sentences that used her spelling words.  The word was “sigh”.  The sentence she wrote, with no help from me (except with the spelling of his name):  “Jacoby Ellsbury’s face makes me sigh!”.

*  I fell asleep during the commercial break between the sixth and seventh innings so I missed Jacoby’s catch.  I DID see Jason Bay’s home run, though, which was good enough for me.  I ended up awake for the post-game coverage on NESN.  I never thought being sleep-deprived could make me so happy.

*  Crabcakes came through huge…HUGE.  After  hearing Buck Martinez go on in the first inning (second too, I believe) about how his age and inexperience were going to be a problem (because of the men he was putting on base) I hope Crabby flipped him the bird.

*  Watching the replay of Jacoby’s catch on my iPhone and seeing Mike Timlin jumping up from the dugout to cheer made me happy.  I understand why he’s not on the roster, but it still bums me out.

*  It took Papelbon 13 pitches to get the save.  Even though he gave up a single, he got all three outs by getting the batters to strike out swinging.

*  I understand that Lester is a “horse” but I’d love it if he could maybe go the rest of the post-season without having to throw 117 pitches in 7 innings each time out.

*  Jason Bay is a thousand kinds of awesome.  Thank you, Pittsburgh Pirates, for letting us have him!

*  I’m not into making predictions, who knows what Daisuke will do on Friday or how the team will hit against Santana?  But it seems every “expert” had the Sox losing last night and not only didn’t they lose, but they won in a very convincing manner.  Some office mates were surprised that I had such a positive outlook going into last night’s game.  Well, the win only reinforced  my belief that this team can and will beat LA.  🙂

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