Hello, I must be going.

Oh Lenny…you will be missed. 

Not necessarily for your pitching, but you will definitely be missed.

Sigh.  They better treat you right in Oakland.

How ironic boston.com took this picture today, huh?

Another one from 2004…gone.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably best for the team.  This opens up a slot for another pitcher who will (hopefully) be more effective.

But Lenny worked his butt off with Peoria this off-season and he has ALWAYS given it his all.  Plus he was always great with the fans.  And I hope he knows how much that meant to all of us.

Ph_430837_1I’ll really miss him.

Special shout-out to KellyJ.  My dear, dear friend.  What I went through last March with Bronson, she’s going through tonight with Lenny.  I feel your pain, sistah.

Good luck in Oakland, Lenny!

(Edited to add:  Yeesh they didn’t waste any time did they? This picture is on the Oakland website.)

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